2 August, 2011


SportAbility is an athlete and volunteer-driven association.  Our success as an association depends on the people both playing and helping with our programs.

If you would like to register or participate in a sport, please visit our programs page to find a session that works for you.  To become a member, just fill out the 2019-2020 Membership Form and select a Full Membership, Recreation Membership, or Supporter Membership, and either mail it to us with the appropriate membership fee, or submit your registration online below.

Membership with SportAbility includes insurance for all registered athletes, volunteers, and officials.  This insurance covers any injury that occurs during any events including training, practices, and competitions.  We are also able to provide such insurance for qualified coaches for our provincial team members as well as certified officials at competitions.  Membership entitles athletes to attend SportAbility sanctioned events.

By registering as a member for SportAbility, you are agreeing to the terms of the Athlete Code of Conduct.

Membership year: April 1, 2019 – March 31, 2020

Your membership supports the association in many ways. It provides a base and support for athletes with a disability to meet their goals. Viable numbers of athletes and volunteers enable programs to be funded through support of provincial government and enable the association to meet target goals set up by funders. Membership is required to participate or volunteer in any SportAbility program.

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 Full Membership Recreation Membership Supporter Membership

Membership Types
Full Membership: Individuals who are pursuing participation in Provincial Team Programs and/or Competitions. Membership fee is $25.

Recreation Membership: Individuals who participate in weekly club or program sessions and compete in regional/provincial tournaments. Membership fee is $10.

Supporter Membership: Individuals who support programs and/or competitions. Any individual
having an interest in furthering the objects of the Association. No Membership fee.

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Athlete Code of Conduct

 I agree to the terms of the Athlete Code of Conduct:

I will pay my totals
 by cheque and send it to OR drop it off at SportAbility's office. by cash. I will drop it off at SportAbility's office. online, using the PayPal links below.


Please make cheque payable to and return form with payment to:
780 SW MArine Drive
Vancouver, BC V6P 5Y7