28 July, 2011

About Us

History and Background

Founded in 1976, SportAbility is a registered charity (1982) which provides physical activity programs for individuals with a disability across British Columbia, Canada.  SportAbility offers programs in four sports including Sledge Hockey, Boccia, Power Soccer, and 7 A-Side Soccer at both recreational and competitive levels.

SportAbility is a non-profit, volunteer-driven association whose goal is to create a fun and safe social environment for athletes with a disability, who are either being introduced to an activity for the first time, or competing at an international level.

Our Vision:

Participation in physical activity and sport by all British Columbians who have a physical disability.

Our Mission:

SportAbility is a multi-sport society that ensures and facilitates opportunities in physical activity and sport. We enable all British Columbians who have a physical disability to enhance their quality of life by being active in their community and beyond.

Our Values:

  • Participants:  Our programs are participant and athlete focused; we ensure a variety of opportunities at all levels.  We promote the development of skills and physical literacy as well as the holistic growth of all participants – physical, social, emotional and physiological.  We encourage participants to try new things and offer a range of physical activity opportunities and experiences for British Columbians with a physical disability.
  • Ability: We focus on ability first over disability and foster the enjoyment of physical activity to ensure a positive experience for all individuals.
  • Community: Program personnel and participants are all valued, respected, trained, and supported in their roles such as athletes, volunteers, coaches, officials, classifiers, and staff.
  • Organization: We are a public and well known organization – we create the expectation that British Columbians with a disability are able to participate in sport.  We work to educate the public and others in the BC sport and physical activity delivery system about the abilities of British Columbians with a physical disability.  We are educators and advocators for sport and physical activity opportunities for persons with a physical disability.
  • Partnerships: We value win-win partnerships with other organizations working in sports, and organizations in other areas impacting persons with a disability.
  • Volunteers/Staff: We value, respect, trust, and care about our volunteers and staff who are trained and conduct themselves professionally, ethically, and with integrity.  Our organization is led by visionary leadership volunteers, and is operated and driven by dedicated staff.
  • Ethically-Based: We provide an ethical environment that does not tolerate the use of banned substances and methods, is harassment free, and supports equity and access for all athletes, coaches, staff, and volunteers.