Lachlan Sanford

In March 2022, para hockey athlete Lachlan Sanford had a chance to represent BC at this year’s Matt Cook Memorial Cup.

Read on as he shares more about his experience at his first-ever para hockey tournament, and what he’s looking forward to next. Big congratulations to Lachlan and the team for winning first place at the event after an incredible weekend of play!

How long have you been playing para ice hockey for? How did you get started?

I’ve been playing for 7 years; my parents took me to a try it day in Surrey.


How did you prepare for the tournament?

I made sure to get to all the practices and started going to Vancouver Friday night scrimmages


What were your feelings going into the tournament?

I felt pretty nervous and excited going into it because it was my first tournament I had ever been to for para hockey. I didn’t know what to expect and I how I would fit in.


What was it like playing with your team members?

It was nice because we got to put all our hard work from practises and drills into play. It was a super fun atmosphere and I liked hanging out with my team outside of practises.


Did you have any favourite memories from the event?

Favourite memory from on the ice was winning gold and celebrating. Off the ice I had fun hanging out at the hotel with my team. I was so nervous before every game, but once I was on the ice I would feel better and it was fun.


What’s something you’re looking forward to in your athletic career?

Playing in more tournaments, especially the Matt Cook tournament with my team next year! I hope now that I’m older there will be more opportunity to compete in tournaments.


Any advice for new athletes looking to get into the sport or start competing?

It’s really fun and once you get into it you meet great teammates.

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