Monday was the second and final day of Team and Pair competition of the Boccia Americas Cup, with individual game results, and final rankings as follows:

The BC3 Pairs (Paul Gauthier, Bruno Garneau and Eric Bussiere) lost their final match against Brazil, but maintained defensive control of the game, and a point differential of 4-2 allowed them to finish first in their division.

The BC1/BC2 Team (Sylvain Dupuis, Hanif Mawji, Tammy McLeod, Brock Richardson and Dave Richer) suffered 2 hard losses both against Brazil and Argentina but finished strong with a win against South Africa 8-3!

The BC4 Pairs (Marco Dispaltro, Josh Vander Vies and Caroline Vietnieks) started off the day with a strong victory 10-0 against Mexico. They then suffered 2 losses: a close match against Brazil 5-2 and a difficult loss against Chile 7-1.

Despite a less fruitful day than Sunday in terms of individual game victories, the overall results of the two first days of competition, including strong round-robin play, allowed Canada’s team and doubles to obtain the following podium performances:

BC3 Pairs – Gold medal

BC1/2 Team – Bronze medal

BC4 Pairs – Bronze medal

These podium finishes mean that Team Canada has achieved automatic classification to participate in the 2014 World Championships. Therefore their primary mission is accomplished! Congratulations to all the athletes for their performances!